Taking on the commitment of making and finishing a documentary takes an extraordinary amount of preparedness, organization, passion, resolve and vision. The amount of work can be overwhelming as your production encounters unanticipated dramatic twists, unforeseen pitfalls and unexpected financial costs. With so much to think about, it can be difficult to focus on the reasons you wanted to make a film in the first place – original filmmaking and creative storytelling. By considering all aspects of filmmaking early in the process, I want to help you cultivate a dynamic, multi-disciplinary plan for all aspects of your film’s production. Productions always have a life and mind of their own, but our aim will be prepare a structure for your film enterprise, within which your storytelling can thrive.

From the first steps of pre-production all the way through distribution, it is imperative that you have a plan. What has been your preparation for interviews, how do you interact with your subjects, have you considered the latest production technologies, the media you want to finish on, the deliverables you will be expected to provide a distributor, the relationships you’ll need to build at post-production houses, the huge costs you’ll incur when the film is done for marketing, publicity and insurance? These are just a few of the questions you will need to consider. Together, we can discuss these challenges in order to better prepare your production for the creative and intellectual nimbleness it will so desperately need.

In addition to production consulting, I also offer storytelling advice on the treatment, rough cut and fine-cut stages. An experienced and objective eye is of enormous advantage in executing on your vision.

I am available for hourly consulting at any stage of documentary and non-fiction development. With a broad range of narrative and professional documentary experiences, contacts and resources, I want to help you get your project done. Contact me at for an initial consult to determine the best way to work together to address your project’s particular needs.