HBO’s Prayer for a Perfect Season | Directed by Marc Levin & Produced by Ben Selkow

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Ben Selkow produced HBO’s “Prayer for a Perfect Season”. The film follows the roller-coaster ride of a team on the brink of history, at a school on the verge of becoming insolvent, where the journey to the top of the polls is inspiring, but the future is filled with uncertainty. The quest for the perfect season comes down to a prime-time match-up title game played at Rutgers University before an overflow crowd, as St. Patrick (26-0) confronts arch-nemesis St. Anthony (29-0), led by Basketball Hall of Fame coach Bob Hurley.

PRAYER FOR A PERFECT SEASON is a Blowback Production in association with Overbrook Entertainment; written and directed by Marc Levin; produced by Karl Hollandt, Ben Selkow and R. Binky Brown; editor, James Lester; director of photography, Daniel B. Levin. For HBO: executive producer Rick Bernstein; senior producer Joe Lavine.

Great article in SLAM! Magazine about “Prayer for a Perfect Season” which premiered on HBO 10/25/2011 at 9PM. An excerpt from the article: When it’s all said and done, it’s the story behind the story that the production team hopes viewers can take away from the film. “They had plenty on the line. All the prestige of being number one in the country and beat their number one rival. But their fraternity, their brotherhood, that’s what sports teaches us all, just discipline,” says producer Ben Selkow. “But what I think these kids learned at the end of the day is just how to support each other and be brothers. And that’s what they’ll carry forward. I hope that’s what the fans take away — sports is about family.  I hope people take away the amount of class this team had being the amount of pressure they were under.”


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